School going Physically challenged person being assisted as the World gears to mark the dissability day on Friday 03rd December year 2021. PHOTO/ CORRESPONDENT

Physically challenged person uses white cane as his eyes while crossing the busy road . PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT

The dissability week with calls to care for the physically challenged persons. PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

Nations Globally gears to mark the

International day of persons with

disabilities or physically challenged

on Friday 03rd December year 2021 , as

severe sufferings that they endures

in their day to day neglected lives is

a painful experience not only in

Kenya but worldwide.

Majority being neglected by their own

Governments, and with the mushroomings

of organizations , society’s

masquerading as champions in caring to

the physically challenged persons

rights , only to fraudulently benefit

from the assistance, gifts offered by

well-wishers , caring Governments

towards the suffering isolated and

ignored persons .

Ismael Mohammed Arah , a resident at

the Sprawling slum of Kibra Nairobi

County Kenya and the Chairman of the

Deaf Organization situated within the

largest slum in East and Central Africa

, mainly focuses on sports , ways to

improve the health status of each

organization member, empowering the

physically challenged persons by

injecting more skills in areas of

specialization , for their future plans

and to be productive by giving back

to the society in nurturing upcoming


The deaf organisation based within the

City slum partnered with Government,

department tasked with the duty to

monitor and assist the physically

challenged, together will be involved

in organising the international day to

mark the world disability day, with

several corporates organisations and

well wishers joining hands .

The organization embarked in creating

awareness on COVID-19 prevention,

protection by educating members to

keep distance by avoiding crowded

places , frequently washing of hands

or use of sanitizer, and wearing mask

in public or crowded places .

They occasionally create awareness on

health reproduction , since cases of

unrespectful Citizens taking advantage

of the physically challenged persons

by sexually abusing disabled members

in our society especially within the

City slums where such abuse cases is

rampant .

The Deaf Organization based within

Kibra slum also educates the female

and male youth on family planning ,

sexually transmitted diseases

protections, HIV Aids prevention

measures by use of protective gears .

The United Nations designated the

International day of disabilities to

create awareness about the neglected

dissability issues , usually marked by

organizing sporting activities, drama

festivals to drive the awareness

message .

It is always a challenge in Kenya for

the physically challenged persons

trying to communicate in public or

using public transport, accessing

buildings .

Time for the society to live together

by showing love , kindness , care , and

embracing each one regardless of

status or challenges one is facing is

long overdue.

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