Man at the center of the Storm: DPP Noordin Haji. PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT

Constitutional Lawyer Danstan Omari consult with the Petitioner who was unlawfully prosecuted over the ownership of land that he claim belongs to him , he has also filed petition before PSC seeking for the removal of DPP. PHOTO / CHRIS OJOW

Lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Shadrack Wambui of Sheria Mtaani representing petitioners who have filed petition before PSC seeking for the removal of DPP addressing members of the fourth Estate as they urge the DPP Noordin Haji to resign and prevent embarrassing situation. PHOTO / CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

A petition has been filed at the

Constitutional Court in the Country,

before High Court Judge . Antony Mrima

and waiting for directions, where by,

it seeks to stop the intended Kenyan

Senior Editors retreat to be held on

Thursday 18th of November year 2021 ,

at the Coastal Region allegedly being

organised and funded by the embattled

Kenyan Director of Public Prosecution

(DPP) Noordin Haji.

The same petitioner also filed another

application before the Civil Servants

employer Public Service Commission (

PSC) on grounds that the Country DPP

Haji , cannot organize a retreat for

Kenyan Editors yet he’s facing several

accusations filed by five applicants

seeking for his removal from the office

, on grounds of abuse of office ,

interference with Justice system through

unlawfully Prosecuting innocent Kenyans

by fabricating charges and incompetency.

The Petitioner through his Attorney

Danstan Omari in the documents filed

before High Court and PSC is

questioning the Legality , interests

and the source of Finance the DPP will

be using to host Editors from various

media houses in the Country.

The Petitioner argues in his application

that the Office of the Country DPP has

a Budget allocation by both the National

Assembly , where the house speakers has

been invited as speakers in the retreat

at the Coastal City which in the

application prayers was not budgeted .

Through the Country Constitutional

Lawyer Danstan Omari who has filed

another petition challenging the gag

order issued to DPP preventing the

Country Media houses from publishing the

content in the first and second

Petitions filed before PSC seeking for

the removal of DPP from Office, the

Lawyer in the application stressed that

the DPP efforts to organise a retreat

for Top Country Editors and yet he has

obtained orders to gag them , is a way

to compromising their profession and to

allegedly go slow in publishing several

Petitions filed seeking for his removal

The petitioner in Court documents

reminded the Country DPP that his role

is to argue matters on behalf of the

State in a Court of Law and not to

engage in allegedly enticing media

stakeholders by using tax payers money

allocated to his Office for the

functions of State Prosecution and

entertaining Kenyan Editors is not part

of his mandate enshrined in the new 2010

Constitution in Article 157 and if the

said Article is violated then Article

158 shall be applied to remove the said

State Officer .

Under Certificate of urgency the

Petitioner is humbly urging the High

Court to give interim orders stopping

the invited Senior Editors retreat and

save the tax payers money that is due to

be misused .

Through his Attorney Danstan Omari the

Petitioner reminded Kenyans in one of

his several prayers in the petition that

, Noordin Haji the DPP has been

charging Governors for misuse of public

resources and the same Noordin Haji has

been charging members of Parliament for

budgeting for items that were not

budgeted .

The Petitioner is now questioning if the

DPP budget was allocated for Senior Top

Editors to be lavishly treated through a

retreat in a five Star hotel in the

Coastal Region and why only that region ?

As the Public Service Commission PSC in

their response to a petition filed by

DPP seeking to stop PSC from hearing

allegations filed by Kenyans against his

conduct and incompetency

urged the High Court to dismiss the

application filed by Noordin Haji

and order him to appear before Public

Service Commission to defend himself

Public Service Commission has a

constitutional mandate under article

158(2)and (3) to receive and consider a

petition for removal of the a Country

Director of Public Prosecution.

And in Article 157(1) of the

Constitution , to send the petition to

the President who has power under

Article 158(4) to suspend the DPP from

office and to appoint a tribunal to

inquire into the matter .

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