UDA Presidential candidate Dr. William Ruto was never given the opportunity to explain to the voters his bottom up strategy of Governing the Country if elected. PHOTO/ CHRIS OJOW

The two anchors from Citizen TV and KTN displayed attitudes resembling agents of government sponsored candidate. PHOTO / CHRIS OJOW


By Irungu Ndirangu

The Presidential debate organised by a

combined team of media stations in the

Country a head of general elections

reduced itself into cross examining Dr.

William Ruto after others failed to


The attitude displayed by the anchors

during the debate was open and they

looked like a government sponsored

agents out to discredit other

candidates in favor of government

sponsored candidate .

Kenya Kwanza Presidential candidate Dr.

William Ruto’s debate/ interview was a

total waste of two hours, a lot money

and effort by countless people and


Why? Because it ignored the future.

Kenya does not belong to the elite only.

It also belongs to workers, some of

whom have no jobs, the sick, persons

with disabilities, the poor, IDPs, the

hungry, the landless and homeless among

countless others.

The president is a living embodiment of

the good, the ugly and the bad in our

country. Everyone has a stake in the


Unfortunately, our elite including

journalists seem consumed only by their

petty worries.

Look at the Sonko phenomenon in Nairobi

in the 2017 elections. The bejewelled

maverick received more votes than any

other politician including Uhuru

Kenyatta. Why? Because he represented a

long forgotten, suppressed underclass.

That class is still around and watching.

Our elite live in a bubble. It is like

the elite in Soviet Union. Which ceased

to live in their own country. And lost

it. The only part of SU they knew was

what they saw from their heavily tinted

limos. To their consternation, their

government collapsed and country

dissolved under their very eyes.

This is why BBI melted. Reason why

Jubilee Party splintered. We may not

like it. But there are people in bank

loan and rent distress today. Some

families had no dinner last night.

Others have school fee balances. Young

people hawk trinkets. Kenya belongs to

them too. Many retirees live in squalor.

They were on telly waiting to hear a

Presidential aspirant address their

plight. Give some hope. Light a candle

in darkness. Nothing came. The elite was

telling them to eat cake. The anchors

failed them.

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