Injuries inflicted to seven year old school boy by his biological father and step mother . PHOTO/ CORRESPONDENT

Seven year old school going shows injuries inflicted by his father and step mother. PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT

Mother of six call for arrest of ex-husband and co-wife after inflicting life threatening injuries to her child

By Correspondent

A mother of six is calling for the

arrest and prosecution of his estranged

ex-husband and his new wife after they

beat her seven-year old son Moses Kagiri

Ndungu, leaving him with life

threatening injuries.

The 42-year old single mother Jecinta

Nyambura Wambugu who broke up with the

husband Charles Ndungu Njuguna in 2020

after 25 years in marriage, is happy to

have finally gotten custody of her last

born child after police intervened on

Wednesday, following the Tuesday vicious

attack on the minor, but she wants

justice, saying that the duo who were

released on bond, have been boasting on

how they are connected and fear that

they may not be held accountable for

their acts.

Charles Ndungu Njuguna is a large scale

farmer and influential businessman in


“My husband threw me out of our house in

Kieni in 2020 after 25 years of

marriage after he claimed that I was

giving unnecessary information to his

family, but he immediately brought in

Catherene Wamuyu as his new wife,”

Jecinta said.

She added: “We had six children, whom I

took to my mother, but he went and took

the last born saying that he was taking

him to a boarding school, just to face

the wrath of the step mother.”

The boy who had visible injuries on his

head, neck and chest, on Wednesday

narrated to police at the Narumoro

police station how the step mother used

to beat him with sharp objects and even

knock his head on the wall whenever

there was a small miss understanding.

“I thank God that I finally have the

custody of my son who has seriously

suffered in the hands of his step

mother, but I’m calling on the Inspector

General of police and the Director of

Public Prosecutions to help us get

justice,” said Jecinta who currently

works as a house help in Kilimani.

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