Great news as NCCK nominated for the precious award the Nobel peace prize. PHOTO/ CORRESPONDENT

National Council of Churches of Kenya nominated for Nobel peace price year 2023. PHOTO/ CORRESPONDENT

NCCK Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2023

By Mary Mukabane, Special Correspondent

The National Council of Churches of

Kenya (NCCK) has been nominated for

Nobel Peace Prize 2023, an award

considered to be the strongest

affirmation of the contribution by an

individual or organization to peace and

wellbeing of humanity globally.

Speaking in Nairobi, NCCK Chairperson

Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki said that

the council has been a leader, catalyst

and agent of transforming the lives of

Kenyans, resulting in a just,

resilient and sustainable society for

more than a hundred years.

“The NCCK has made an invaluable

contribution to the democratization of

Kenya, reintroduction of multi party

politics, overhaul of the Constitution

of Kenya, elections observation, peace

building, safeguarding of human rights,

promotion of dialogue and mediation,

healing and reconciliation. These

efforts climaxed in the peace

experienced during and after the hotly

contested 2022 General Elections. We

took part in intensive peace messaging,

campaigns for peaceful voting, seeking

legal redress for disputed results in

courts rather than on the streets as

was witnessed in the past ,” He said.

Ndambuki added that the NCCK was

nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

2023 jointly with the Florida Rights

Restoration Coalition by the American

Friends Service Committee and Quaker

Peace and Social Witness.

“This being the first nomination of a

Faith based organization, it highlights

the necessity of promoting and

protecting democracy by working for

civil rights, empowering citizens for

participation and advocating for laws

and policies that safeguard peace and

prosperity for all,” the Archbishop


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