KEMU University with a population of 8000 students is one of the properties belonging to the Church and the retired Bishops want to sell to a local University in the country. PHOTO/ CORRESPONDENT

Constitutional lawyer Danstan Omari (right ) together with the presiding Bishop Joseph Ntombura arrive for the press briefing at Methodist Church Nairobi County Kenya. PHOTO / CHRIS OJOW

Methodist Church fight to protect it’s properties. PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT

Methodist Church through Kenyan Constitutional Lawyer Danstan Omari will file an application to stop retired old Bishops from acquiring the properties of the wealthiest Church in the World. PHOTO / CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

Methodist Church a global house of

Christ based in Kenya, has had several

challenges of leadership wrangles

spanning for a very long time over the

management of it’s wealthiest


Where the current leadership are under

pressure to surrender the church

properties to bully former leadership

gangs for sale to the highest bidder.

Several attacks bordering on criminal

nature have been instigated against the

current leadership of the Church being

led by the Presiding Bishop, Joseph

Ntombura who at one time escaped death

narrowly, following alleged assassin’s

storming the said premise at the center

of the storm, taking everybody hostage

and inquiring on the whereabout of the

Bishop incharge, with a mission that he

surrenders the properties of the church

to alleged old retired Bishops who are

well known and a complaint reported at

the nearby Police Station .

The presiding Bishop of Methodist Church

in Kenya. Bishop Joseph Ntombura

instructed a Constitutional lawyer,

Danstan Omari to file application

before High Court seeking orders to stop

the retired Bishops from illegally

taking over the management of the Church


While addressing members of the fourth

Estate. Bishop Joseph appealed to the

State to offer him security since his

life is in danger , for being firm

against the illegal takeover of the

management of the Church properties

including KEMU University.

It is alleged that the greedy and much

ambitious old retired Bishops who are

against the Church holding annual

general meeting , through their private

arrangements allegedly received an offer

from local university in the Country to

sell Methodist Church Properties to the

said University at a cost of over one

billion .

An illegal sale agreement which the

current management is not aware off and

at no given time they have never planed

or considered to sell the assets of the

Church , which was established in the

Country in year 1862 by British

Citizens faithfuls , and spread it’s

branches within the Country and

established several income generating

businesses to assist in the running of

the church programs within the entire

African Continent.

Methodist church in Kenya is a very

wealthy Christian religion organization

with several assets spread within the

Country , where the profit generated

from the resources are used used for

nurturing youth talents , sponsoring

religious activities and assisting the

needy World-wide.

Methodist University initiated in the

year 1997 is a chartered Christian

University with the main campuses

situated in Nairobi, Mombasa and Meru

and is offering various causes like

pharmacy, surgery, school of education,

journalism, school of economics and

school of science.

The presiding Bishop during a press

briefing that the great institution

belongs to the church and not

individuals, and it will continue to

admit and graduate students. As the

current office holders raised the

standards of the university, after

conducting a forensic audit .

Through their Lawyer , they seek to

protect the church property, and stop

the region church branches from braking.

Methodist church is a global church and

very rich in property ownership .

The church has helped to stop the

illegal exercise of female genital

exercise. and also assisted communities

undergoing several challenges to

overcome through financial assistance.

The church also cares for the youth and

takes part in nurturing talents among

the youth to be great future prominent


As the youth strongly condemned the

ugly situation currently happening in

their church headquarters in Nairobi.

The Church through their Lawyer Danstan

Omari vowed to defend takeover of

properties , even

if it means going to the supreme court

to protect the properties of the church

from being surrendered to alleged

greedy well organised criminal gangs,

the former managers who are retired


The Church also warned the former

retired Bishops that they risk being

sued by their individual names.

The current leadership through their

Constitutional lawyer Danstan Omari

urged all Churches in the Country to

condemn the actions of the retired old

Bishops who are well known by their

names to stop interfering with the

current management of the wealthiest

globally recognized church.

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