The property at the center of dispute. PHOTO / CHRIS OJOW

The plaintiffs property managers prevented from accessing the property by the defendants security guards. PHOTO / CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

Two orphaned sisters, beneficiaries of

their late father’s house in a leafy

suburbs Westlands within the Capital

City of Kenya, humbly pleading

President Ruto to intervene as they

stand to lose the property their late

father gifted them to alleged land


In an ongoing case before High Court

Judge in Kenya and in several prayers in

filed court documents, the shocked

lonely sisters alleges that they had

been given the house by their caring

responsible father as a gift nine years


The plaintiffs Ms Sadaff Shokat Ali

Gulam Hussein Habib and Sabahatt Shokat

Ali Habib request to court to grant

prayers baring defendant Abdisalan

Adan, the person they have accused of

developing unhealthy appetite and on a

mission to allegedly grab the gift given

to them and situated along Jaffa

Court within Westlands suburb.

Where in a brief ruling Justice Lucy

Mbugua of the Environment and Lands

Court granted orders preventing all

parties from engaging in further

activities in the property , as the

plaintiffs alleged contempt by the

defendant and a breach of court order.

The plaintiffs further alleged in court

documents that on several occasions

they have been stopped by the defendant

from accessing their property despite

the court issuing an order from any

further development in the said property

The plaintiffs were responding to

claims made by defendants Adan , that

the documents in their possession

alleging ownership are forgeries.

While documents filed before High Court

indicated that the plaintiffs late

father Hussein transfered the house to

his two daughters as a gift on May 27th.

The Advocates of the High Court

representing the plaintiffs were

contacted by African Times News Media

Investigation desk requesting for more

disturbing details on the ongoing issue,

but calmly responded that the matter

was before Court and they will only do

so after the determination.

As the issue attracted public interest,

following a recent statement issued by

the opposition leader Raila Odinga where

he condemned the actions of alleged

reckless auctioneer who demolished a

house belonging to couple within the

same area of Westlands, rendering them


The auctioneer is alleged to have

disobeyed court order stopping any

further eviction but went a head to

demolish the couple’s house attracting

an uproar within the Country.

Cases of land fraud in Kenya is a daily

business, where genuine land owners are

losing their assets as government

officials employed at the Land offices

conspire with land cartels and

fraudsters in changing land documents,

contend and declare greedy fraudsters

with manufactured certificates and

with the help of a few rotten law

enforcers within the troubled area to

evict the real owners from their legally

acquired properties .

As criminal cases of hardworking

Kenyans, investors who genuinely

acquired land with genuine documents

being charged within the corridors of

justice and being accused of

manufacturing fake title deeds.

The daughters of the late Shokat Ali

Hussein moved to court under certificate

of urgency and in several of their

prayers seeking to stop alleged

fraudsters from claiming ownership of 75

million Kenya shillings maisonette in

Westlands Nairobi County Kenya.

The late Shokat Ali lived in the

property until his death. And after his

demise his two daughters appointed

Paragon Property Consultants Limited to

manage the property on their behalf

since they were residing abroad.

The daughters also denied rumours being

peddled by defendant Abdisalan Adan

that their father had advertised the

sale of the property and through that

advertisement he managed to purchase the


Paragon took care of the property making

sure all the service charge was paid to

the management company Jaffa Court

Management Limited.

But trouble began in November 2021 when

their father’s former worker appeared

at the premises with people that were

said to be prospective purchasers of the


They allege that despite the court order

for status quo, respondent Adan entered

into the property and threatened to

shoot the guards who had been stationed

at the gate by Jaffa Court Management

The house is within the same compound as

six apartments owned and occupied by

third parties within Jaffa Courts and

managed by Jaffa Apartments Management


” I have since moved in and continue to

occupy the suit property since the time

I bought it from the late Hussein,” says

Adan in his replying affidavit

insisting he has all the proprietorship


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