Employment and labour relations Court issue an order barring Chairman of an International NGO from suspending five staff. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

The Labour court has overturned a

suspension letter issued to a Senior

staff, Kevin Paskari of Seeds of Peace

Africa International ( SOPA) , by the

organization Chairman Rev. Dr . Ambrose

Ong’wen .

The suspension letter issued by the

respondent on Thursday 22nd July year

2021, in its content restricted the

claimant from communicating with all the

organization stakeholders and also

alleged irregularities commited by the

applicant .

And the claimant alleged that without

consulting the Board and investigating

the fabricated claims levelled against

him , the second respondent Ambrose ,

in a bid to allegedly cover alleged

serious malpractices , fraudulent

activities, alleged sexual harassments ,

favoratism , threat’s and intimidations

which already is a subject of

Investigation having been reported to

Police within Nairobi Area . The

Chairman authored a letter suspending

the claimant and ordering the him to

wait for further communication on his

fate , the suspension letter was also

copied to Secretary SOPA board and

Treasurer .

In the employment and labour relations

court at Milimani Nairobi County case

number E592 of year 2021 , filed on

Monday 26th same year before Justice

Nduma Nderi , the application in several

of it’s prayers seeking to quash the

alleged unlawful directions of the

Organization Chairman .

Under urgent certified application ,the

Court issued an order of stay,

stopping and halting the suspension of

the claimants until the matter is heard

and determined .

The application which was filed by five

claimants , Naomi Achieng Oketch ,

Kevin Paskari, Judith Ragumbi, Hellen

Bosibori and Nernadette Onyango seeking

temporary injunction from breach of

contract of employment and from

subjecting the five applicants from

inhuman , hostile , humiliating and

stopping the restriction to the

international NGO offices was served to

the two respondents , Seeds of Peace

Africa International (SOPA International

) and the alleged Controversial

Chairman Rev. Dr. Ambrose Ong’wen .

And in a certified copy of original

signed on Tuesday 27th July of year

2021 and stamped by the Registra

Industrial Court at Milimani Nairobi

County Kenya, the respondents were

given seven days to file there response

pending interparties hearing before a

Judge on Monday 09th August year 2021 .

The Court also issued an order

suspending the actions of the Chairman

in suspending the five claimants , and

the five claimants allowed by the Court

to access and continue with their daily

duties at Seeds of Peace Africa

International offices unti the

application certified as urgent is heard

and determined.

The restrictions issued to the five

claimants by the second respondent on

Thursday 22nd July year 2021 are hereby

suspended by the Employment and Labour

Relations Court .

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