Lady investigator Jane Wawira Mugo is now seeking an apology from the Kenyan giant media house over an alleged publication of malice. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By African Times Special Correspondent

An alleged well schemed plan to implicate the award winning Lady Investigator Detective Jane Mugo fails to materialise, exposing activities of suspected alleged “Mafias” in Kenya .

A person of interest Mr. Sanjey’s is accused by undercover lady Detective Jane of conspiring to defraud the powerful Minister the late Nicholas Biwotte.

Realising that he was in the wanted lists of dangerous criminals, Sanjey is alleged to have been on the run for several years.

Unconfirmed sources revealed to African Times Media, that the man at the center of the storm is alleged to have taken refuge at the Central Africa States in a bid to escape arrest and possibly prosecution.

It is also alleged that after learning that his alleged lethal enemy passed away, the alleged run away suspect Sanjey sneaked back into the Country Kenya.

An attempt to repatriate Bakrania also badly exposed Sanjey and his fellow well connected alleged crooks believed to be Senior Kenyan law enforcers.

The genesis of the predicaments of private Lady investigator Jane Mugo started, after she offered to assist Bakrania opposing his illegal deportation.

Private lady Investigator Detective Jane Mugo while standing firm to protect the man under siege Bakraniaal, became the turning point of her man made downfall.

From sources the Kenyan law enforcers who’s names cannot be revealed for personal security purposes, narrated the alleged well schemed blackmail.

It is alleged that the Senior law enforcer
Issued orders to his juniors, the law enforcers to forcefully confiscate the travel documents of

A situation which would give the alleged crook law enforcers a room to share the properties of Bakrania .

Undercover private lady investigator Jane Mugo intervened in a bid to recover Bakrania properties, the car worth ksh25m and successfully gave it back to his niece Nisha, who is Sanjeys alleged girlfriend.

The said Senior Law Enforcer upon learning that Private Lady Investigator Jane Mugo was pursuing the case.

It is alleged that a plot was hatched to maliciously destroy her image and the reputation of Detective Jane Mugo.

Through a series of malicious publications in one of the Country giant Media house, the Senior Detective is alleged to have embarked on a mission to negatively malign the image of Jane Mugo.

Which detective Jane Mugo vowed to sue the alleged giant media house in the Country for damages and compensation, seeking huge sums of money if they fail to apologise for being unnecessarily reckless.

Private lady investigator Jane after reading the the alleged malice published in the Country giant media publication in their front page, she was shocked to see her name being dragged as a serial wanted criminal.

It is also alleged that the independent investigative body in the Country, without keenly investigating the matter, rushed and posted on their social media sites that Detective Jane Mugo was criminal and serial killer and ordered that Detective Jane Mugo be arrested.

Private lady investigator Detective Jane Mugo is now demanding for action be taken against people she has allegedly mentioned as the schemers, and also calling for the Country giant media house East and Central Africa to apologise .

The Investigating story continues….

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