The 5th President elect of Kenya Dr. William Ruto displays his signed certificate by IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati at Bomas of Kenya. PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT

Kenyan law enforcers restrain azimio lieutenants who orchestrated chaos at Bomas of Kenya before IEBC declared Dr. William Ruto as Kenya’s 5th President elect . PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT

Kenyan President elect Dr. William Ruto during his final rally at Nyayo National Stadium Nairobi County Kenya. PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

Pushing , throwing of chairs and

destruction of the public sound system

is what azimio lieutenants orchestrated

at their best before the 5th elected

President of the Republic of Kenya , Dr.

William Ruto was declared the

President elect by Country Independent

Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

at Bomas of Kenya Nairobi County Kenya

on Monday 15th August.

The Son of a poor parents who struggled

to make ends meet by hawking chickens to

travellers along Eldoret highway

together with his wife could not believe

when IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati

declared him as the Country President


The anxiety begun when the former prime

minister Raila Amollo Odinga one of the

presidential candidate failed to

attend at the required time at 3pm East

Africa Time set by IEBC , as the

moment to announce the presidential

elect 2022. With the organisers forced

to extend time to 4pm, which they

waited until the announcement was made

in Odinga’s absence.

As the Country political analysts termed

the delay of Raila Amollo Odinga and

failure to attend the presidential

announcement function as a bad sign and

an act of indiscipline as a leader .

While the four IEBC commissioners

recently appointed by the outgoing

president Uhuru Kenyatta, held a

separate press briefing informing the

country , that they should not be

associated with the presidential

election results being announced by

their presiding officer and Chairman

Wafula Chebukati.

The four recently appointed

commissioners through hurriedly

controversial process failed to inform

the Country why they opted to

disassociate with their Chairman’s

decision to announce the Presidential


The law , article 88 clause 4 and 5 of

new 2010 constitution of Kenya states

that : The Country Independent

Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

from the day of election has seven days

to verify the votes cast before

announcing the results. Which the

Chairman Wafula Chebukati complied with.

In his off head speech , the President

elect Dr. William Ruto assured the

Country that he’s the President for all

Kenyans both who elected him and his


President Ruto also ruled out any

negotiations in the name of handshake

and urged his opponents to fairly play

their oversight role of opposition

enshrined in the Country Constitution.

He congratulated the Kenyan Independent

Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

for conducting a transparent general

election since the Country Independent,

where the commission’s server was made

public to everyone globally , to do

their tally and determine the winner in

their respective regions .

The move by the Country Independent

Electoral Boundaries Commission making

their server accessible to the public

globally, made majority of losers to

concede after downloading their votes

cast and manually tallying themselves, a

process which was described by the

International organizations, diplomats

and World leaders as the most

transparent general election

experienced in Kenya.

Dr. William Ruto, President elect

assured those who developed habit of

insulting him as the chief priest of

corruption without backing their claims

with any prove or reporting the alleged

allegations to the nearest police

stations for actions be taken , that he

has forgiven them and he’s not a man of

holding grudges.

The President elect pledged to revisit

the Jubilee four agendas which were

jeopardized by the illegal handshake as

he thanked the people of Kenya and the

Almighty Great God for everything that

he has achieved and promised to change

Kenya into a developed State.

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