Beaustifully build spacious houses at Phenom Park Estate at Nairobi County with enough spaces for children to ride their bicycles and run around. PHOTO /CHRIS OJOW

The beautiful environment of Phenom estate Langata Nairobi with great spacing for playing children. PHOTO /CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

While majority of Kenyans are stressed with

Making ends meet as others being thrown out

of their houses for not honoring rent payments

sleeping on the street for not paying rents, while

the middle class, home buyers at Phenom Park

Estate, Langata Nairobi County held a

demonstration early morning of Sunday 16th

August 2020 protesting over a small swimming

pool within there estate.

The residents also alleged that their children

and visitors on several occasions were knocked

down by speeding motorists within the estate, a

pure blackmail and malice against the

developer, since no motorists within the estate

can dangerously drive a vehicle leading to

knocking down children while playing, unless

the motorists who are residing within the said

estate are completely mad or maybe the

Phenom Park residents deliberately took their

children to go and play in the busy highway

leading to their children being knocked by

speeding Highway motorists and motorcycles.

The residents while demonstrating

accompanied by a live broadcasting from the

Country major media houses, alleging that their

children lacks playing ground and the estate

swimming pool is very small, is an act of

blackmail, jealousy and unprofessional

behaviour geared to destroy the reputation of

the developer and the entire business of the


Residents of Phenom Park are not the only

occupiers or the buyers of Phenom Estates,

other buyers within different sections, before

committing themselves to the home buying

project did a familiarisation tour and were

satisfied with the finding and opted to settle,

and living peacefully and in harmony.

The residents who seem to be suffering from

personal problems but decided to share their

personal predicaments with the estate

developers, who has build several estates

within the Country and has never experienced

the problem exhibited by new Phenom Estate

residents, were shocked to see residents

blocking innocent home buyers from archiving

their dreams just because the swimming pool

which is their major problem is too small not

similar to a National Stadium swimming pool.

The residents while chanting slogans baying for

the developer’s blood and shouting on top of

their voices, causing unnecessary attentions by

disturbing the peaceful and loving

neighbourhood, failed to present to the Country

TV Stations which they duped to cover their

unnecessary protest by not presenting the OB

number of complaints reported to the law

enforcement units over their alleged allegations

of their children and visitors being knocked

down by speeding motorists living within the

said Estate, a sign of personal vendetta

jealousy, reputation destruction and blackmail

directed towards the property developer.

Phenom Park is easily accessible from the

main road with a well infrastructure leading to

the estate, it is located less than ten minutes

from the best Capital City in the world Nairobi

County and the estate residents are the only

lucky residents within the Country whereby

through their balcony they are able to view the

National park within the Capital City of Kenya,

the only Country in the World with a wild animal

National park within the Capital City.

The estate is also surrounded by social

amenities like the shopping center, petrol

station, educational center, health center, leisure

and entertainment sports, as well as religious

places of worship, an estate in paradise that

any Kenyan Citizens would dream of owning.

In life it is always said that choices has

consequences and the consequences can be

beneficial or destructive and if you feel that the

choice you made is not pleasing you, their is an

option of making things work by going for

alternatives, if the residents of Phenom feel that

they need the biggest swimming resembling the

World Cup swimming pool, they have a choice

to move out of a small one and even own the

biggest one plus a playing ground resembling

Moi Sports complex Kasarani Stadium for their

children to play.

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