Sultan Ahmed Hussein Ayoub Ali Dinar. PHOTO/ CORRESPONDENT

Displaced Citizens in refugees camp. PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT


By Special Correspondent

Sultan Ahmed Dinar Sultan of Darfur is

appealing to the public on the danger

of igniting war in the Darfur region.

He is calling for peaceful environment

for the sake of interest of the

country, in ending the war and

avoiding its devastating effects.

He urges Citizens to remember the

blessings of God upon everyone when you

were enemies, so he formed between

your hearts, so you became brothers

with His grace, and you were on the

lips of a hole of fire, so He saved

everyone from it. Thus, Allah makes

clear to everyone His verses so that

all may be guided.

To the masses of our great people

throughout the dear homeland,,

To people of Darfur,,

To national forces, armed movements,

civil society organizations, civil

administration, Sufi roads, youth and


To the leadership of the armed forces

and the rapid support forces.

In recognition of the critical

circumstances that our country is going

through as a result of the war now

taking place in Khartoum and various

areas of the Darfur region and in an

effort to end the infighting operations

that has claimed the lives of

hundreds and affected all Sudanese and

the effects spread to Darfur, displaced

thousands between displaced, refugees,

dead and injured, and is now

threatening the security of the region.

In appreciation of these critical

circumstances, Sultan Ahmed addresses

everyone all this call, which we make

from a purely national point of view

that the war must be stopped .

“With our inability that we recognize,

we must also admit that we have all

made unavoidable mistakes against our

homeland and our people, especially our

future generations of young men and

women. Instead of giving them an

advanced prosperous homeland, we have

left them wounds, blood and tears, so

this war must stop now, and encourage

efforts to stop it and not allow it to

expand” stressed Sultan.

He further pointed out that people of

Darfur have subjected more sufferings

,death, destruction of properties,

human displacements and the time to

stop the madness is now.

This war produced a bitter reality for

the general Sudanese people and in the

Darfur region, which requires everyone

wisdom and vigilance to stay away from

adopting any negative positions aimed

at expanding the war throughout the

country and Darfur in particular.

The Citizens in Darfur have faced

difficulties and lived for many years

under the damn war and do not want to

return to that dark chapter of their

lives, and we are confident that our

country and the Darfur region in

particular will overcome the war .

Based on the above, I call on our sons

and daughters, including the leaders of

opinion, science and culture, leaders

of armed movements, parties, civil and

civil and civil society organizations,

I call on them to put their hands in

the hands in the hands of some and to

work together to strengthen the social

fabric and to make every effort to put

out the flames of sedition

Our people throughout Sudan, and Darfur

in particular there is hope and golden

opportunity despite the harsh

conditions of war, which we must take

to manage a dialogue on the basis of

equality, justice and ensuring rights

that works on. It addresses the

imbalances of Sudanese life in all its

political, economic and social aspects

and prevents the recurrence of the war


In this sense and in a purely national

spirit, I appeal to the leadership of

the armed forces and the Rapid Support

Forces to put weapons aside and

immediately go to the platforms of

dialogue to address differences.

I also reiterate our call to the

private administrations in Sudan and

Darfur in particular to avoid tribal

and ethnic alignment, division of

society, and the fight and calls for

sedition aimed at expanding the war.

I reiterate my wishes for urgent

recovery, wounded and solidarity with

the families of the dead, and we affirm

our encouragement for all community

initiatives and the efforts of

officials in driving people’s lives and

providing basic services to citizens

and maintaining their security.

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