By Kelvin Majanga

Toyota Kenya truck and buses division gifts

Kisumu County Economic

Forum a Hino 500 GT truck that will aid the

County Government in the distribution of food

to families affected by the floods and the less

fortunate members in our county.
Toyota Kenya has over the years and continues

to offer exceptional logistics solutions in

Kisumu County, and in turn contributing to the

economic progression of the County, through

our main branch here in the Kisumu CBD. Our

offering cuts across various models that fit into

the different demands of the customers plus

their tastes and preferences.
In line with the Governments four-pillar strategy

on manufacturing and the spirit of Buy Kenya

Build Kenya Toyota Kenya is manufacturing

Hino, Land Cruiser Pick Ups and recently

launched the first local assembly of 1-ton single

cab and double cab picks ups after many years.

These Hino trucks have been locally assembled

since 2013, said Jackson Obuo, Toyota Kenya,

Kisumu Branch Manager.
Allow me to take a few minutes and give a brief

background into Hino. Hino Kenya is the

commercial vehicle division of Toyota Kenya

offering matching quality, durable and reliable

vehicles synonymous with the Toyota Group.

Hino trucks and buses have quality engines for

optimal power output and unmatched fuel

efficiency. Offshore and local tests have proven

that Hino has the best fuel efficiency compared

to other market offerings.
In addition to this, Toyota Kenya places great

importance on growing and impacting

positively on community, with an eye toward an

even better society. We seek to continue being

a company that is a responsible citizen and one

trusted by its customers. Toyota Kenya also

undertakes to train from both the formal and

informal sectors to enable them to open their

businesses through our Toyota Kenya

Academy. We have now partnered with various

TVET institutions to provide a competency-

based training and assessment program. We

also provide advanced driver training that

assists with the basic maintenance of the

various Toyota and Hino vehicles.

Toyota Kenya would like to thank Kisumu

County Government for its continued support,

facilitation, and cooperation with the Toyota

Kenya as we continue to reach out and improve

peoples lives through our products and by

transforming the world they live in through

creating real change.

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