For the believers faith is the key than wealth ownerships. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT

Before Almighty Great God Faith is the Key issue and not wealth accumulation



By Fr. Felix (African Times Guest Writer)


The Gospel of John can be divided into two halves, the Book of Signs

and the Book of Glory. This noble statement constitutes the end of

the Book of Signs.



It comes after the formal conclusion of the Book of Signs and sums

up the whole ministry of Jesus, bringing together sayings

pronounced on various occasions, touching on the major themes of

the teaching of Jesus which have been prominent in the gospel

readings since Easter. Especially prominent are the Johannine

oppositions: dark and light, judge and save, reject and believe.



The summary begins and ends with the unity of the Father and

Jesus, and so their union of purpose. Jesus underlines that the

purpose of his mission is not to judge the world but to save it, and

that the condition of salvation is to believe in him.



It is notable that John teaches nothing about details of Christian

morality: the conditions for salvation are only faith, not to live a

good life – oh yes, and love. But love is really part of faith!


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