Victor Odede Bwire found guilty of planning to blow KICC is now facing life imprisonment. PHOTO / CHRIS OJOW

American dreaded Federal Bureau of Investigations FBI that leaked the planned bombing of Kenyan Government Buildings by Victor Odede Bwire. PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT

Convicted , sentenced to life imprisonment , appealed and now missing after being freed from Kamiti Maximum Prison Elgiva Bwire Oliacha is said to have recruited his cousin Victor Odede Bwire as an agent of Al Shabaab Terror group. PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT

Convict Victor Odede Bwire cousin to Elgiva Bwire Oliacha was found guilty by Nairobi’s chief magistrate Bernard Ochoi of planning to blow KICC. PHOTO / CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

Through the help of American dreaded

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

Detective Scott John, gave links to the

impending terror attack on Kenyan

Governments buildings including

Supreme Court, KICC and NSSF

buildings in Nairobi County.

As Nairobi’s Chief Magistrate Bernard

Ochoi convicted Victor Odede Bwire

after the accused was found guilty of

conspiring with Al Shabaab Terrorists to

blow up The tallest building in Kenya,

Kenyatta International Convention

Centre (KICC).

National Police Service of Kenya still

searching for terror convict Elgiva


Oliacha who has been missing a year

ago since he was released from Kamiti

Maximum Prison after successfully

appealing against life imprisonment.

His relative Victor Odede Bwire who

was convicted is now facing life

imprisonment which will be delivered in

early February year 2023.

Globally terrorism offences is

punishable by death and according to

Kenyan laws the offence attracts a

maximum of life imprisonment.

The accused Victor Odede Bwire was

found guilty of conspiracy to commit a

terrorist attack and collection of

information with purpose to commit a

terrorist attack at KICC after the State

prosecution called eleven witnesses to

testify before court .

The court found that prosecution had

proved the two counts beyond

reasonable doubt.

And while convicting the accused

Nairobi’s chief magistrate Bernard

Ochoi noted that the accused admitted

that he had been enrolled to collect

intelligence reports on KICC’s security

details, parking areas and it’s environs

prior to the attack by Al Shabaab


The convict Victor Odede Bwire had

opened three Facebook accounts

directed by his cousin Elgiva Bwire

Oliacha while he was serving life

sentence at Kamiti Maximum Prison ,

which he used to collect data and

disseminate the same to terrorists in

Somalia and also to the enlisting

master Mohamed Yare Abdalla who is

serving a life sentence at the said

prison over terrorism.

The lower criminal court further stated

that according to prosecution a forensic

analysis of phones seized from the

convict showed he had sent

information on KICC’s security

arrangement to contacts in Somalia.

Victor Odede Bwire cousin to Elgiva

Bwire Oliacha had been recruited to a

terror agent who was receiving hefty

payments from Somalia based terrorist

group Al Shabaab.

The court observed that the evidence

adduced before it by American Federal

Beauro of Investigation (FBI) Detective

Scott John is the one which gave links

to the impending terror attack on

governments buildings.

Following the revelation, government

security apparatus were deployed in the

said buildings and under cover

detectives were posted in key areas

around the said target government

offices to collect information and data

that led to the arrest of Bwire and his

co-accused Yare.

The court also found out that the


through facilitations by Al Shabaab did

a survey of the police check points from

Nairobi to Mandera highway and how

they are stationed their style of

operation which Victor Odede Bwire

relayed back to his associates terror


The convict relative Elgiva Bwire

Oliacha, who is also known as Seif Deen

Mohamed aka Japhar aka Japhel Okuku

aka Abu Muadh, is still missing after

he was set free from Kamiti Maximum

Prison a year ago.

“Even when Elgiva Bwire Oliacha was in

jail, he was under strict watch because

he used to radicalise inmates. And The

National Police Service of Kenya

suspects he is now armed and ready

for retaliation and war,” an officer


of the issue who did not want to be

mentioned revealed to the African

Times News Media Investigating Award

winning Photojournalist Chris Ojow.

As Kenyan Detectives are still


to members of the public, family and

acquaintances to be on the lookout and

immediately report any sighting to the

nearest police stations within the


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